3 Sep 2008, 3:09pm

The BPH is Patrick. You can call me Patrick. Or Paddy. Only my parents call me Pat and let’s leave it at that.

I am a graphic designer and photographer currently living in Portland, Oregon. I was born and raised in California but have found myself gravitating North since college. And I am OK with that.

Visually speaking I am as average and as ubiquitous as they come; average height, average weight and average features. No tats, no visual scars. Hats? Occasionally. Ties? Not if I can frickin’ help it. I hate those things. I like my All-Stars clean and my t-shirts soft and will have your band/company/slogan on them if I love you enough. I like soccer jerseys too but I have never played soccer. I usually cut my own hair, have been since the mid 90’s.

I once surfed but living inland cured me of that habit. I am praying for a relapse though. I like loading stuff in a bag and then walking into the mountains with the bag just to live out of the bag for a few days. Or weeks. I haven’t done months yet but it is a pipe dream of mine. No, I don’t use hiking poles and neither should you.

If it were not for music I would be a very different person. I would probably be starting fires. And not the good kind either. I feel sorry for people who do not feel strongly about their music. Even pity. You care about what you put in your mouth, right? It should be the same with your ears. And I am not that guy in the neighborhood that still is blasting the music he listened too in high school because he hasn’t bought a new album since 1986. Hell no! I listen to the music the kids are making today, kids who I think that I would more than likely be like if I still were one. That unfortunately makes me “that old guy” at the concerts I go to but you know what? I am OK with that too.

I love my wife, son and my dog. I would be a basket case without any of them.

Here in no particular order are things that have helped define me:

  1. The Endurance Expedition (Damn.That’s a story.)
  2. The Trinity Alps (Frickin’ gorgeous)
  3. Kurt Vonnegut (Funny/smart is viable)
  4. Mr. Fox, my 7th grade science teacher (Gave me free reign in the dark room at school)
  5. Cold beverages (Mmmm…)
  6. Surfing (I miss it)
  7. Music, music, music
  8. That damn internet (Damn you!)
  9. Robert Rauschenberg (Genius)
  10. Visiting Indonesia for two months (Thanks, Matt!)
  11. K. (Love you)
  12. Duke (Best boy)
  13. The Hurley (Best dog ever. I miss him every day)
  14. The North Coast (The best)
  15. The Best Show
  16. McSweeney’s
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