Great Gatsby Business Card Poster

10 Mar 2011, 11:37am

Another winner! What happens when you take the characters from chapter four of the Great Gatsby and decide to make business cards for them? If you are The Heads of State you have a dynamite poster on your hands. 32 different cards pulling from the design styles of the 20’s all on one sheet. This is also a great project for design teachers to give to their students. What a fantastic idea and executed beautifully. This was also printed by those geniuses over at Studio On Fire.

This bad boy is for sale too. $90 bucks. Hey man, quality cost. Do it!

(Via Beast Pieces. Again.)

Typography Deconstructed Poster

10 Mar 2011, 11:12am

A beautiful poster from the people over at Typography Deconstructed. The poster covers the Anatomy of Type and also has a Type Glossary. The poster is a high-quality 16 X 24 letterpress print produced by the print masters over at Studio On Fire. The detail on this poster is top notch:

The good news is that this beaut is for sale. The bad news is that it comes with a $100 price tag making it out of reach for casual buyers. (Promo code SOFMARCH2011 gets you $10 off throughout the month of March 2011, though.) If this were last year I would have bought it already and turned it into a tax write off for “business expenses” as this poster  is top shelf. But life is hectic now and purchases are on hold. However, gifts are graciously accepted.

(Via Beast Pieces)

Studio on Fire presented by Gestalten TV

5 Nov 2010, 2:44pm

Gestalten TV brings us this wonderful video of the goings on over at Studio on Fire, arguable one of the best letterpress studios out there. What a treat.

Letterpress Birth Announcement by Ty Mattson

6 Sep 2010, 2:53pm

An simply stunning letterpress design from Ty Mattson beautifully designed and executed. Seriously. Everyone else can go home now.

Printed by the always amazing Studio on Fire. (Check out their blog Beast Pieces to see what I am talking about.)

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Lorax Print by Mt. Pleasant Press

16 Nov 2009, 10:25am

The Lorax Letterpress

Will someone else please go buy this awesome print from Mt. Pleasant Press based on the Dr Seuss book The Lorax . I am not buying this even though I want to and it is a great deal at $30 considering there were only 20 made. Just too many other posters to frame at home and I am trying to save some money.

The Enamored Whale by Albert Cerriteno

9 Sep 2009, 10:00am

What a beautiful letterpress print from Albert Cerriteno.

The Enamored Whale by Albert Cerriteno

It is a three color 8.5″ by 11″ print in an addition of 250. It is a mere $20 bucks. That is a steal my friends. Check out the detail…

The Enamored Whale Detail

Go get it! Hurry! There are only 70 in stock as of this posting.

(via OMG Posters)

UPDATE: Sold out! If you snoozed, you lose.

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8 Jun 2009, 6:21pm


Quality of line? Candykiller has it. And then some.

Douglas Wilson

8 Jun 2008, 10:09pm

I have always been a lover of old maps. Just ask anyone who has ever received a gift from me and you will find that I use old National Geographic maps as wrapping paper. And it’s not because I am cheap. I love the look of the colorful lines as they wrap around the edges of packages. I also try to incorporate maps in my designs when I get the chance. They just add this randomness that I really like.

The other day I stumbled on this print by Missourian artist Douglas Wilson. Douglas is a multi-discipline graphic designer and university instructor who is also a self admitted letterpress addict. When I saw this print, I bought it immediately. I love that the uniqueness of the print not only comes from the tiny imperfections that are inherent in the nature of a letterpress print, but also by the fact that each print is created on a different map. It also makes the delivery of the print a total surprise. And it was. Mine is just like the one on the left but with a slightly different cropping. And it looks great. This print originally had a run of 90 but, because it sold out so quickly, he decided to do another unlimited run. (Thanks for that, Douglas!) The prints only cost $42 bucks which is a great deal for original art. It is always great when one can find original art that is affordable.

When my print came yesterday, I loved it so much I went and bought this one. And this one.

Here he is making his “Get Lost” print:

YouTube Preview Image
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