TinTin Covers By Dan Hipp

21 Aug 2011, 8:02am

Man, how good are these faux Tintin covers by Dan Hipp? SOOO good.

Vintage Japanese Industrial Expo Posters

18 Feb 2010, 11:35am

An incredible collection of vintage Japanese posters can be found over at the The Pink Tentacle. GOOD stuff.

(Via The Everlasting Blort)

Kii Arens’ Radiohead Haiti Relief Poster

26 Jan 2010, 12:30pm

Radiohead had a benefit concert in LA last weekend to raise money for Haiti. They raised an amazing $572,754. There is a limited edition poster by Kii Arens of the event selling for $75 over at www.lalalandposters.com. Al proceeds go to OXFAM. Go get one. I did. Or just donate. (Note: This is a second edition of 250. The first edition of 100 sold out at lightning speed so do not wait on this. Just do it.)

UPDATE: The second edition has the RED background; The first edition has the YELLOW background. (Thanks commenter Neil!)

Already donated? DONATE AGAIN.

(poster via OMG Posters)

(Note: I just found out today that an old surfing friend of mine from Humboldt lost his fiance in the colapsed Hotel Montana in Haiti. He is there now trying to find her. Thinking of you, Eric…)

UPDATE: Received mine in the mail yesterday. Looks like I was quick enough to get a yellow one. It is BEAUTIFUL! The stock is unbelievably thick. The red ones are still available and even though the price is a bit steep, it is worth it. It will only increase in value too. People are already selling these on Ebay.

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Boston Public Library Travel Posters

18 Sep 2009, 12:43pm

Grand Canyon Travel Poster

The Boston Public library has posted an amazing collection of old travel posters on Flickr. I have seen other collections of travel posters but each one in this collection is especially top notch. Here are a few I like:

Austria Travel PosterCalifornia Travel posterMontana Travel posterNew Zealand Travel posterJapan Travel posterNational Parks Travel posterBele Ile Travel posterQueensland Travel posterCleveland Travel posterTransatlantic Travel posterConnemara Travel posterUSSR Travel posterNew Haven Travel posterPacific Northwest Travel poster

The Enamored Whale by Albert Cerriteno

9 Sep 2009, 10:00am

What a beautiful letterpress print from Albert Cerriteno.

The Enamored Whale by Albert Cerriteno

It is a three color 8.5″ by 11″ print in an addition of 250. It is a mere $20 bucks. That is a steal my friends. Check out the detail…

The Enamored Whale Detail

Go get it! Hurry! There are only 70 in stock as of this posting.

(via OMG Posters)

UPDATE: Sold out! If you snoozed, you lose.

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Western Tentacled Jay Poster

21 Apr 2009, 3:35pm

Western Tentacled Jay

Again, I have too many posters sitting around unframed right now (including a nice Obama one) but I am VERY tempted to purchase “Western Tentacled Jay” by Chicago illustrator Phineas X. Jones.

Edition of 150, signed and numbered. Thirty bucks at octophant.us. Someone please go buy this. For me.

(via OMG Posters)

UPDATE: My wife gave me the thumbs up on this one. Damn if I didn’t marry UP! Thanks, sweetheart!

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UNO Hispanic Branding Posters

16 Feb 2009, 8:49am

Mercado Central poster

Go check out this nice collection of Hispanic posters over at Behance Network. Unfortunately there isn’t any information about them at all. I think they are all by Luis Fitch over at Uno Branding but I am not sure.

Patton Oswalt Posters From Jay Ryan

10 Feb 2009, 10:24am


Oh my. It is not fair that I have five posters sitting at home that need framing and then come across these two awesome posters by Jay Ryan at The Bird Machine. These are from Patton Oswalt’s recent gigs in Athens and Atlanta Georgia and featuring Patton’s dog Grumpus and Star Wars action figures. (Patton is a huge Star Wars nerd.) I really shouldn’t get any more posters since we are out of wall space and I still have those other five to frame but, since my wife is gone for the week, the only question for me at this point is which one to buy. I think I am leaning toward the Boba Fett one.

The two posters approximately 17.5 x 23 inches, printed on white cover using five screens. Each has an edition of 300 that are signed and sell for $20. Fine art for twenty bucks, folks. Good deal. Now go support an artist!

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Micah Smith $10 Poster Sale

26 Nov 2008, 10:22am

Speaking of awesome posters, Micah Smith (AKA My Associate Cornelius) is selling every one of his awesome posters for only ten bucks each until the end of the year. Now that is a recession buster. I highly recommend you go and by one of theses hand pulled silk screened beauties and hang it up on your wall over that hole from that whiskey bottle you threw at it last Christmas. If you don’t see a band you like, well, frankly, your music taste sucks.

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Awesome Woodccuts by Paul Roden & Valerie Lueth

26 Aug 2008, 10:45pm

Check out this beautiful series of limited edition woodcuts by Paul Roden and Valerie Leuth for sale over at Tugboat Printshop. I want the one pictured here but I have five or six prints that are waiting to be framed right now so it is a bit hard to justify. Will one of you go buy it and get it framed real nice and then invite me over to dinner so I can steal it from you? Thanks in advance!

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