Alien Vs. Predator Skate Deck

9 Sep 2010, 9:00am

This is a skate deck really tickles me.

Wait, that didn’t sound right.

This is a skate deck I can really get behind.

No, that’s not right either.

Never mind.

(Thanks, Andy!)

Saturday Morning Animation – Fluffy Mc Cloud

4 Sep 2010, 4:04pm

(via The Everlasting Blort)

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Tiny Art Director

21 May 2009, 11:31am

Dad has four-year-old daughter. Daughter asks dad to draw something. Dad draws. Then, daughter critiques drawing. Then dad posts the crtique and drawing on his blog. Brilliant!


The Brief: A mama snail and a baby snail
The Critique: I’m sorry to say that you’re worser than me. You gotta learn to draw as me. You just don’t draw so well. Why do you think that is? It turns out that I’m the good draw-er. It turns out that you’re the art director.
Artists Note: The critique is on the initial sketch, and compares to hers. She actually likes the painting.
Job Status: Provisionally Approved, pending addition of jumping fish in the lake

Dude’s got a book deal, too.

(via Boing Boing)

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“Stare at the Monitor All Day…”

5 May 2009, 7:37pm


I can relate….

Poster by Shaz Madani via FFFFOUND

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As Fast As I Can T-Shirt

21 Apr 2009, 9:23am

As Fast As I Can

How could you not love this Threadless Tee by Thomas De Santis?

Saturday Morning Animation – Guide Dog

7 Mar 2009, 8:00am

The sequel to “Guard Dog” by Bill Plympton featured last week.

Guide Dog

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Name My Design Company Machine

3 Feb 2009, 4:31pm

Name My Design Company Machine

I have always been asked, “Why ‘Big Plastic Head’?” And I’m all, “I don’t know. It just sounds badass and is easy to remember.” And then they are all, “Pft. Whatever.” And then they never ask about it again. Nor return to the site. (Unless ‘they’ are my wife and brother-in-law. They are like groupies. Seriously. Can’t shake ’em.)

I guess next time I’ll use the “Name My Design Company Machine” from Breadline. It does a pretty good job except there are too many animals and not enough body parts. (One time it came up Green Banana Designs. Not bad, actually…)

(Via Draplin)

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Saturday Morning Animation – Bubblicious

24 Jan 2009, 8:00am

It is too bad the song is so bad…

Merry Christmas

25 Dec 2008, 10:05am

Merry Christmas

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Big Plastic Head (With a Side of Bacon)

20 Dec 2008, 10:42am

The one thing this blog needed is finally available

(About damn time if you ask me.)

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Shoes Thrown at Bush GIF

15 Dec 2008, 1:05am

Whoever made this GIF deserves the Medal of Freedom. Goddamn If  couldn’t watch this all day…



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20 Worst Album Covers of 2008

10 Dec 2008, 9:51am

Pitchfork has dug up the crappiest album covers of 2008. I don’t know. I must admit that here are some really lazy/awful designs this year but I think the one above could be one of the BEST ALBUM COVERS OF ALL TIME!!1! OMG!!.

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Truth in Advertising

9 Dec 2008, 8:55am

(Via BoingBoing)

Everyone Poops

8 Oct 2008, 10:05am

A very appropriate t-shirt design.

(Via Laughing Squid)

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Why America is F*cked (Graphically at Least)

29 Aug 2008, 10:52pm

(Whole lot of appropriate swearing in the video above. Might not be safe for work if you work in a cube.)

I have been meaning to post this. I have watched it about twelve times. This is a little rant by Aaron Draplin founder and proprietor of Draplin Design Co., North America. He is a designer with a passion for industrial designs of the past and and the designs of blue collar industries. He has a great eye. He knows what has heart and what doesn’t. He has a Dachshund named Gary. He swears like a sailor and damn him if he isn’t 100% right in this video. I am thinking that all designers should make a video like this and fight the idiots who can’t see the art or intrinsic value in a professional designer and have the idea that designers just push a bunch buttons all day without skill or talent. I deal with this crap all day.

Way to go, Aaron. Drop shadows, not bombs.