Tiny Art Director

21 May 2009, 11:31am

Dad has four-year-old daughter. Daughter asks dad to draw something. Dad draws. Then, daughter critiques drawing. Then dad posts the crtique and drawing on his blog. Brilliant!


The Brief: A mama snail and a baby snail
The Critique: I’m sorry to say that you’re worser than me. You gotta learn to draw as me. You just don’t draw so well. Why do you think that is? It turns out that I’m the good draw-er. It turns out that you’re the art director.
Artists Note: The critique is on the initial sketch, and compares to hers. She actually likes the painting.
Job Status: Provisionally Approved, pending addition of jumping fish in the lake

Dude’s got a book deal, too.

(via Boing Boing)

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