Fujifilm FinePix x100 Digital Camera

21 Sep 2010, 9:38am

I am speechless. No, not really because I am about to go on. Take a look at the upcoming Fujifilm FinePix x100 digital camera (expected release: early 2011). Wow. Did the designers get this right? Yes. They did. Even down to the screw hole in the trigger button that accepts an old school cable release! Amazing.

My second thought after “WOW!” was that of of disappointment in that it has a fixed 23mm (135 equivalent: 35mm) f2 prime lens meaning that you can’t zoom or change the lens. I am over that disappointment remembering that sometimes the limitations of some things is what makes them great. Everything else that they thought of will make up for that (and the lens sounds super anyway). Like a large CMOS sensor. Solid metal top controls. A hybrid viewfinder and a small built-in flash as well as a full TTL hot shoe. Fuji GETS IT.

I just bought a new Olympus Pen E-P2 and I really like it despite it is missing a couple of features that I am baffled that they left off (built-in flash and built-in viewfinder). I do love that I can use my Voigtlander lenses on it though. HOWEVER, if the fine people at Fuji would like me to be a tester for what I think could be the camera to watch in 2011, hey, it is the least I could do. SEND ME ONE! Pretty please? Seriously, anyone know anyone at Fuji? Anyone?

*tap tap* This thing on…?

Over 40: August, 2009

8 Sep 2009, 6:27pm


Went to Roller Derby in Eureka again. Good times! Spent a bunch of time working around the house and getting the garden into shape. Went on a three day backpacking trip into the Trinity Alps. Got a sweet sunburn, too. Other than that it was nothing but work. Not too many good photos. Sorry. Kinda in a bit of a funk lately.

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Over 40 – May 2009

7 Jun 2009, 10:59am


It was a work month for sure. Too much time in the office. The garden is coming in nicely and we are eating a lot of artichokes. We went down to Humboldt for the three day weekend for roller derby and an awesome BBQ. An acquaintances dog got sick and passed away. That is three friend’s dogs this year alone. Have to admit I got choked up over all of them. Rest in peace, Kenya, Scout and Dogmo. I also cleaned out the refrigerator and found a lost bottle of our wedding wine. That was a total score. I also boxed up every CD I own and put them in the attic. I now have 35,038 items in my iTunes (845 artists and 2538 albums). And we took the canoe down 10 miles of the Umpqua. SO fun!

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Will Govus Photography

7 May 2009, 8:32am

Will Govus

Will Govus. So young but making some beautiful night images. Using a twin-lens reflex with long exposures he captures misty scenes in his Georgia town lit by ‘natural’ artificial light. The results are very atmospheric.

Will Govus

Will Govus

He has a Flickr account too

(via Designbloom)

Saturday Morning Animation – Ten Thousand Pictures of You

2 May 2009, 5:35am

In a New York Minute Poster Design

24 Apr 2009, 1:23pm


This was a poster design for a non-existent gallery show I did back in 2006. It’s too bad it wasn’t a real show. I would have gone…

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Babel Tales by Peter Funch

21 Apr 2009, 2:49pm

Screaming Dreamer
Memory Lane

Photo montages are great when done right and Dutch Danish photographer Peter Funch is definitely doing it right with his series Babel Tales. Taking numerous shots of the same exact place he finds similarities in the different images and collages those elements into one image. I think it is successful and reminds me of 100 Meters of Existence.

Polaroid PoGo SO Misses the Point

21 Jan 2009, 6:57pm

Back in February of 2008, Polaroid announced that it would stop making instant developing film at the beginning of the new year. Hey wait…that is NOW!! Millions of art nerds and lo-fi addicts will no longer be able to purchase auto-developing film for those Polaroid cameras that they bought for $10 at a thrift store . I myself, thinks that sucks.


But now, Polariod has released PoGo, a camera that inklessly prints a 2X3 inch photo in about 60 seconds. You better have some extra batteries on hand as you can only print about 20 photos on one charge. And the thing is only 5 megapixels.

If you ask me, I think Polaroid’s instant film popularity wasn’t due to the on-the-fly results that you got with a Polaroid camera. It was the murky quality and physical properties that you could futz with during the developing process that made them so endearing. To me, it was the ‘non-instant’ developing speed of their  ‘instant film’ that I loved. It created in me a mysterious anticipation for what may appear on that plastic sheet that I waved back and forth in my hand (which may or may not have accelerated developing time – no one knows for sure).

Is it me or is Polaroid missing the point on this one?

Here is a save Polaroid site if anyone is interested in putting up a futile fight.

Emma Hack

15 Jan 2009, 10:14am

Emma Hack

Emma Hack is very good at hiding naked people in front of hideous wallpaper.

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

9 Jan 2009, 10:01am

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

Can’t find too much bio info on their site but Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison do create some beautifully surrealistic photography. Really great stuff without being overly creepy.

The Year 2008 in Photographs (part 1 of 3)

18 Dec 2008, 8:54am

The Rescue

If you do not check boston.com‘s Big Picture at least once a week then you might as well sell your computer to someone who is willing to put it to good use. Seriously, add this one to your RSS feed. The collections are always striking and provocative.

Right now they are posting the Best Photos of 2008 in three installments. Parts two and three will be tomorrow and Saturday.

If those are a bit too serious for you, I highly recommend that you head over to The Smoking Gun and check out their Best Mugshots of 2008. Hilarity WILL ensue.

Beautiful Snowflakes

15 Dec 2008, 8:42am


It snowed here last night. Just a bit really. I was hoping for more. Anyway, here are some photos of snowflakes taken with a photomicroscope. There are examples of different types of flakes that occur at different temperatures. I expect to spot these as tatoos on snowboarders after the holidays. Trampstamp anyone?

Images of the Sun

15 Oct 2008, 4:37pm

Boston.com‘s The Big Picture has a beautiful collection of images of the sun including this great six-day animated gif.

The comments get pretty scary in the God/No God category around the 80th comment too. Downright frightening.

Newsweek’s Visions of China Blog

23 Aug 2008, 10:44pm

Speaking of cool Olympic photos, Newsweek has a great blog going right now written by photographers at the Beijing Olympics. It is called Visions of China and is chock full of great photographs and insider information on what it takes to get just the right shot. Here is a great post about getting the finish of the men’s 100m. I also like this photo documentation of how Vincent Laforet packed all of his gear for the games.

This is kinda cool, too.

360º View From Olympic High-Dive Platform

22 Aug 2008, 10:41pm

I have to say that I have spent more time exploring this 360º view from the high-dive platform at the Water Cube in Beijing than I have watching any actual Olympic competition. It’s true. I spent about three minutes exploring that pool yet I have watched 0.00 minutes of this years Olympics. Someone please tell the government how unpatriotic I am. kthxbye

(via Gizmodo)