DUKE – CD 2010

18 Dec 2010, 1:49pm

My wife and I had our first baby on Thanksgiving and for the birth announcement, I made a mix CD. I used the old Blue Note record designs of the 50’s and 60’s as inspiration. I sent around 50 of these out to family and friends. All the songs have the word “Baby” in their titles.

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Separated at Birth?

26 Oct 2010, 8:59am

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New Design…

8 May 2010, 1:26pm

My wife and I are developing a new design…

It’s the iBaby©.

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4 Feb 2010, 10:46am

Most everyone who is anyone should have their copies now so here is the artwork for my annual mix CD that I send out to friends and family. Click on images for larger views.

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28 Aug 2009, 9:01am

Man takes fist photo of a single molecule. Nerds rejoice!


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Portfolio & Quick Reference Guide of P.C. Satterfield

11 Jul 2009, 10:22am

I finally finished up a new portfolio site for myself. Go check it out if you are interested

The Portfolio and Quick Reference Guide of P.C. Satterfield

Tiny Art Director

21 May 2009, 11:31am

Dad has four-year-old daughter. Daughter asks dad to draw something. Dad draws. Then, daughter critiques drawing. Then dad posts the crtique and drawing on his blog. Brilliant!


The Brief: A mama snail and a baby snail
The Critique: I’m sorry to say that you’re worser than me. You gotta learn to draw as me. You just don’t draw so well. Why do you think that is? It turns out that I’m the good draw-er. It turns out that you’re the art director.
Artists Note: The critique is on the initial sketch, and compares to hers. She actually likes the painting.
Job Status: Provisionally Approved, pending addition of jumping fish in the lake

Dude’s got a book deal, too.

(via Boing Boing)

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HillCrest Vineyard – Web Development

24 Apr 2009, 7:00pm

HillCrest Homepage

HillCrest History

HillCrest Store

HillCrest Vineyard is a local winery. It is Oregon’s oldest established winery. I was asked to build their first website which i was very pleased to do. It is built in Joomla! and uses the Virtuemart shopping cart which I customized for the site (coming soon!)

Copyright ©2009 Creative Images.

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In a New York Minute Poster Design

24 Apr 2009, 1:23pm


This was a poster design for a non-existent gallery show I did back in 2006. It’s too bad it wasn’t a real show. I would have gone…

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Umpqua Partners for a Drug Free Future Web Site

24 Apr 2009, 9:33am


This is a new web site that I completed for Umpqua Partners for a Drug Free Future. The site is built in the Joomla! content management system.

Copyright ©2009 Creative Images

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Big Plastic Head Lingo – “LOINK”

25 Mar 2009, 5:50pm

Yes, I  have created my first word and that word is:

loink: n. A broken web URL; A link in a web page that either goes to the wrong location or nowhere at all.

That’s right. That’s MINE! You can go suck it, Urban Dictionary. We already have PLENTY of different words for “penis”, thank you very much. You DO NOT need this one.

One Day I Will Be Treated Like a Designer…

21 Mar 2009, 5:07pm

One Day I Will Be Treated Like a Designer...

Yes. This is how I feel most of the time these days. I am about tired of it. So I made this. High quality prints available…

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The Big Plastic Head Music Mix 2008

24 Feb 2009, 5:53pm

Oh My God!!!

Oh YES! I FINALLY I finished my 2008 mix CD. Every year, I take all of the music that was released in the previous year and distill the songs down to a manageable fifteen to twenty tracks. I burn them on to a bunch of CDs and send them out to all my friends. WAY better than Christmas cards I think. This is year four or five and I do really enjoy doing it.

I also make a swell original cover for each “release” because God knows I need more portfolio pieces that reflect the work I WANT to do, not the work that I am forced to do.

(Click the above images to see the back and inside.)

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Secret Bar Sticker

11 Feb 2009, 11:11am

Secret Bar

This is a sticker design that I created for Thanksgiving. I would tell you more about it but, like it says, I would have to kick your ass first. If you know what I am talking about, you are a very lucky person.

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2008 InUmpqua Visitors Guide Cover

19 Jul 2008, 5:19pm

Hey, that’s my wife! This is the cover of this years InUmpqua visitors guide. I wanted them to use this one but someone said that the blurry water was going to be, “…too confusing.” WTF!?! I’m trying to make my dog famous! Anyway, here is the original…

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