4 Sep 2008, 9:50am

I have been taking pictures since I was in junior high when photography was quite a good portion of our seventh grade science curriculum. Being a pretty shy kid, I loved being in the darkroom. To me, the whole process was magic. It is an art whose history uses science as it’s medium; mixing chemistry with light. I just love that.

Despite the introduction of digital photography causing the near extinction of the chemical darkroom which I loved so much, and the ensuing vocal arguments of whether digital photography should even be considered ‘legitimate photography’ – the modern version of the argument of whether or not photography should even be considered an art at all – it is still my favorite medium. I could look at good images all day long: from cruddy family snapshots and Polaroids, to historic photographs from photography’s early beginning, from fine art prints hanging in galleries to the journalistic images in the smallest towns local newspaper. I do not care if they were created in a basement darkroom or in Photoshop: a good image is a good image is a good image.

And I believe that there are some amazing things on the horizon for photography. Don’t believe me? Take some time and check this out.

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