4 Feb 2010, 10:46am

Most everyone who is anyone should have their copies now so here is the artwork for my annual mix CD that I send out to friends and family. Click on images for larger views.

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CD Artwork by Hubero Kororo

29 Jan 2010, 12:03pm

This comes to me from designer and internet friend @Spoony_C. It is uniquely beautiful CD packaging by Hubero Kororo for Uceroz’s newest CD Pappeltalks. When you open the CD, a packet of ink saturates the inside of the front cover to create a unique experience for everyone as well as a one-of-a-kind cover. It really is a great idea sublimely achieved. As Spoony said, it is inspiring.

Watch it in action…

SO good.

Here is a gallery of some of the results.


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The Big Plastic Head Music Mix 2008

24 Feb 2009, 5:53pm

Oh My God!!!

Oh YES! I FINALLY I finished my 2008 mix CD. Every year, I take all of the music that was released in the previous year and distill the songs down to a manageable fifteen to twenty tracks. I burn them on to a bunch of CDs and send them out to all my friends. WAY better than Christmas cards I think. This is year four or five and I do really enjoy doing it.

I also make a swell original cover for each “release” because God knows I need more portfolio pieces that reflect the work I WANT to do, not the work that I am forced to do.

(Click the above images to see the back and inside.)

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Fiddler’s Dream

3 Apr 2008, 11:04pm

Design and concept for “Fiddlers Dream” by Greg Spatz

(Center Ink drawing by Caridwen Irvine-Spatz)

Go buy it

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1 Mar 2008, 11:28pm

This was the artwork that I created for a mix CD that I sent out to friends. It was SO FUN to create and I think it came out very successful. The music rocks too.

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Mighty Squirrel CD

3 May 2007, 10:44pm

Design and concept for Mighty Squirrel – 2007

(Center Squirrel Art by Caridwen Irvine-Spatz)

Go buy it

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The Lost Coast CD

3 Apr 2001, 9:33pm

Principal Photography for the album “The Lost Coast” by Ivan Rosenberg. The image was taken with an old Yashica 44 that I found at a thrift store.

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