Reunion – 1995

3 Aug 1995, 12:00pm

During my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary, we had a little family reunion in Twin Falls, Idaho.

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Chit Chat

by L Brander  |   21 Oct 2012, 10:51am  |  

Hi Patrick–

Long time, no hear!! I happen to come across your blog and thought I’d write you a note. This is your cousin Lisa, the oldest of your Uncle Jim’s kids. I think you were just a baby when I used to stay at the grandparents Mills house around the summer of 1968 (after our family had moved to Phoenix) and your folks would drop off Michael so we could spend time together. Quite a long time ago.

I really enjoyed the pics you posted of Grma and Grpa’s 65th. I did not get to attend for one reason or another.

Hope life is treating you well. Take care…..Lisa

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