Marc Levoy – Advanced Photographic Research

23 Feb 2008, 5:58pm

Photography + technology = *Drool*

This is a great video (almost an hour long, be warned) of an interview with Professor Marc Levoy. Man, I want to take a class with him! He is the part of the Computer Graphics Laboratory at Stanford and he gets to work around some amazing imaging technology. (I also like him because of his e-mail listing on this page.) In the video he talks about computational photography; photographs that cannot exist without the help of a computer including images that can have the focus and depth of field changed after the photo is recorded.

This is a long video and, if you can get through the sometimes off-point questions (in my opinion) from Robert Scobble and Thomas Hawk (why are you talking about your 5-D!?!), this is a super video with wonderful information presented by a man who seems to really get a kick out of the work he is doing. What he says about Ansel Adams is 100% right on the money. (You will just have to watch it to find out!) (The snark on Robert and Thomas aside, I thank those guys for doing it and posting it.)

At one point Levoy pulls this huge book off of a shelf that contains various papers that were written for the Siggraph conference that I would love to sift through. If anyone has a copy, I would love to get it from you! I wantitIwantitIwantit!!!

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