Douglas Wilson

8 Jun 2008, 10:09pm

I have always been a lover of old maps. Just ask anyone who has ever received a gift from me and you will find that I use old National Geographic maps as wrapping paper. And it’s not because I am cheap. I love the look of the colorful lines as they wrap around the edges of packages. I also try to incorporate maps in my designs when I get the chance. They just add this randomness that I really like.

The other day I stumbled on this print by Missourian artist Douglas Wilson. Douglas is a multi-discipline graphic designer and university instructor who is also a self admitted letterpress addict. When I saw this print, I bought it immediately. I love that the uniqueness of the print not only comes from the tiny imperfections that are inherent in the nature of a letterpress print, but also by the fact that each print is created on a different map. It also makes the delivery of the print a total surprise. And it was. Mine is just like the one on the left but with a slightly different cropping. And it looks great. This print originally had a run of 90 but, because it sold out so quickly, he decided to do another unlimited run. (Thanks for that, Douglas!) The prints only cost $42 bucks which is a great deal for original art. It is always great when one can find original art that is affordable.

When my print came yesterday, I loved it so much I went and bought this one. And this one.

Here he is making his “Get Lost” print:

YouTube Preview Image
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