18 Sep 2008, 3:33pm

Well, here I go again. Yet another freakin’ redesign of This time, it has to stick for a while or my wife is going to slit my throat for spending so much time on the computer. Hopefully my dog will begin to recognize me again. That would be nice.

Throughout my ‘career’ on the interweb I have had a total of about ten different sites. It started off with just wanting a web portfolio of my photography. I learned some Flash and made some swoopy-loopy Flash site that would make anyone looking at it nauseous. After that I started blogging. I even had a blog that recorded all of the letters I wrote and sent to G.W. Bush telling him what a screw-up I thought he was. (Over two-hundred letters and he never wrote back. I guess I can’t expect him to confirm me as a friend on Facebook now either.) I now blog at Big Plastic Head. And now here too. WTF am I thinking!?!

I’ll tell you. This is the more personal, artsy-fartsy site rather than a common scrapping of the internet for things that tickle my fancy. This is the site that will feature my photography and design work. This is the site that I will send clients too that will collect and show my work. I still may link to some outside goodies but they will be on the more photography/design/art theme because there is really some amazing things going on out there. And I am trying desperately to get involved with that…

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