Dutch Architecture Fiver

12 Nov 2008, 9:19am

Check out the Dutch Architecture Fiver in all it’s glory! This is a brand new commemorative coin that pays tribute to the great architects of the Netherlands. On the front is a portrait of the Queen that is formed by the names of the architects. On the back, architecture books are placed along the edge of the coin so that the tops of the books form the shape of the Netherlands. Bird silhouettes suggest the capitals of all the provinces.

Two interesting facts about the Architecture Fiver:

  1. The design was created using nothing but free software.
  2. The names on the front are not in alphabetical order, nor are they in chronological order but are ordered by the number of hits on the Internet. OMG!

Here is the story on how designer Stani Michiels came up with the design and the free programs he used to create the design. There are also some large scans of the coin on that page as well.

Want one?

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