22 Dec 2008, 7:25pm

Oooooh! This looks quite good. Quite the flashy website, too, that has a bunch of hidden stuff worth rooting around for. If you got some time, go poke around.

YouTube Preview Image

It is directed by  Neil Gaiman who also directed The Nightmare Before Christmas. I will be seeing this in the theater fo’ sho’.

The creators also are behind a pretty bitchin’ viral marketing campaign. They made and sent out fifty individual customized boxes filled with things from the movie and sent them to various blogs. Here are some links to a some of the lucky  bloggers and their respective posts about receiving their treasure:

emmyymme, tomopop, Darkmatters, Toycutter, Kissthelibrarian, fashion-pirahna, stainlesssteeldroppings

Pretty cool viral marketing if you ask me.

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