Metal Heart

2 Dec 2008, 8:52am

Everything comes together beautifully in this short video shot at a monster truck rally. Yes. A monster truck rally. Trust me in the fact that it is awesome. Using time lapse photography and and tilt-shift lenses, Keith Loutit creates a toy-like world out of it. (His other time lapse/tilt-shift videos are worth viewing too.)

I don’t know exactly where this was filmed but I am sure it was on a ‘SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!!’

Chit Chat

by karina  |   2 Dec 2008, 10:08pm  |  

OMG- that is absolutely nuts how much it looks like a toy set. If you’d said they were a bunch of matchbox cars with claymation, I would have believed you. Wow. Incredible.

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