Over 40 – December 2008

6 Jan 2009, 7:12pm


OMG!!! A whole year of this ‘Over 40’ thang. And now I am 41! Amazing. That was a bunch of fun I must say.

So…lets seee…what happened in December? Well, Christmas/My B-Day was pretty mellow. Did yard work and such. Three trips to the dump even. Got a bit of snow. Went to Arcata for New Years which was really wonderful. (I really miss my friends down there, I really do.) I started a beard thang. Yikes! I worked. I started watching 1) Deadwood, 2) The Wire, 3) Monk, 4) and Mad Men. All very good especially Deadwood and the Wire. I have no TV but DVDs are all I need.

Happy 2009 everyone! I’ll keep shooting if you will keep start commenting!

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