Barack Obama’s First Signature as President

12 Feb 2009, 3:51pm


That is one nice signature. Sure beats the last guys.

Chit Chat

by Ronnie Richardson  |   15 Oct 2010, 4:11pm  |  

…well, what do you think, is it out preforming the last one?
te he he

by PCS  |   19 Oct 2010, 9:29am  |  

Of COURSE he is, you munch! It is a fact!

Look here:

Considering the shit sandwich Bush handed him, he is doing pretty well.

And ‘outperforming’ is one word, dope.

by Daniel  |   15 Jan 2011, 5:50pm  |  

Not to be anal, but your sentence should read “Sure beats the last guy’s.” (And I agree – that is a pretty good-looking signature.)

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