Over 40 – January 2009

1 Feb 2009, 9:45am


A new year. A new president. Actually, A president because the last one in that office did nothing. Asshole.

Other than that it was a pretty quiet month. The weather was horrible so I didn’t get to ride my new birthday bike very much. We did build a Secret Bar. It is pretty sweet. Finally played a round of disc golf out at Whistlers Bend which is a pretty great course.

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Chit Chat

by karina  |   1 Feb 2009, 10:18am  |  

1-11-2009. By far the best room in our house. Well, on our property. We really need to get on that.

by msyvon  |   4 Feb 2009, 3:23pm  |  

bph-love the pic across your desk to the streaming inauguration! one of the things about working on a tv show is that there is a tv in every office. we watched the pbs coverage. HOO-RAY!!
and dude, the bike looks fab!

by PCS  |   4 Feb 2009, 4:24pm  |  

I was either going to watch it a work or call in sick feeling too good.

I am lovin’ the bike. Even riding to work in the cold ass fog. (It is about a mile so no big deal really.)

by msyvon  |   19 Apr 2009, 5:17pm  |  

i’m at the hairport–a few hours early. so, am reviewing BPH pix. just noticed that in one of them karen is knitting! looks like a multicolor hat. any pix of the finished piece?

by Patrick  |   20 Apr 2009, 5:33pm  |  

Not that I know of. You will have to ask the wifey.

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