Patton Oswalt Posters From Jay Ryan

10 Feb 2009, 10:24am


Oh my. It is not fair that I have five posters sitting at home that need framing and then come across these two awesome posters by Jay Ryan at The Bird Machine. These are from Patton Oswalt’s recent gigs in Athens and Atlanta Georgia and featuring Patton’s dog Grumpus and Star Wars action figures. (Patton is a huge Star Wars nerd.) I really shouldn’t get any more posters since we are out of wall space and I still have those other five to frame but, since my wife is gone for the week, the only question for me at this point is which one to buy. I think I am leaning toward the Boba Fett one.

The two posters approximately 17.5 x 23 inches, printed on white cover using five screens. Each has an edition of 300 that are signed and sell for $20. Fine art for twenty bucks, folks. Good deal. Now go support an artist!

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by msyvon  |   17 Feb 2009, 1:28pm  |  

ahhh! i am an absolute fangirl for jay ryan’s work! i have a few of his posters framed.
he had a gallery showing/book signing here in la when “100 posters, 134 squirrels” came out. we chatted about chicago for awhile, then he took my book, sat down against the wall and drew a picture in it!

also: patton is just truly cool.

and: if you have to pick one, the boba fett also has the toppled r2d2. a nice touch. 🙂

by Patrick  |   17 Feb 2009, 2:01pm  |  

I DID buy the Boba Fett one! Great story too, msyvon!

by msyvon  |   17 Feb 2009, 10:06pm  |  


by XTownie  |   10 Mar 2009, 8:58am  |  

I got mine at the 40 Watt show and got it signed by Patton. Raved to Henry Owings about how much I liked the poster then turned to Patton and said ‘hey, nice show.” Auuugh, (hitting self in the cranium repeatedly) so stupid!

by Patrick  |   10 Mar 2009, 9:27am  |  

@Xtownie –

Ha! That is great. Yes, a “nice show” deserves a big ‘ol facepalm for sure. Thanks for sharing the story!

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