Adidas: Kopanya

27 Apr 2009, 8:08am

Adidas: Kopana 01

Adidas: Kopana

I am not a follower of socce….er….football, I mean, but I sure like this ad campaign from Adidas to celebrate the first ever Africa hosted Confederation’s Cup . The way to be famous in Africa is to have a haircut named after you and have your likeness painted on a wooden board or on the side of a building advertising your special coif. Adidas had these commissioned, each one representing the stars of the game and their special “cuts” – their noted skill at the game.

I do not know who they commissioned to do these but I sure hope they made the effort to find people who really do paint these signs in Africa and not just someone to knock ’em off.

Kopanya is a South African word for togetherness and is part of Adidas global campaign – “Together I am strong”.


Adidas: Kopanya 03

Adidas: Kopanya 04

Adidas: Kopanya 04

Adidas: Kopanya 06

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by karina  |   1 May 2009, 7:00pm  |  

Ummm…I don’t know about this “Adidas” thing. When I lived in Africa, it was “Abibas“.

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