A Kit to Thwart Writers Block

4 May 2009, 7:34am

Writers Block

All creative types have been there: no fresh ideas coming up in the old noggin.  Elizabeth Dilk decided to make her own “idea box” for times when inspiration doesn’t strike. The kit has a couple of writing pads, pre-chewed pencils a 12-sided die with random actions written on each side. To advertise it, she screen printed a bunch of napkins that are pre-doodled with depressing comments on one side and the logo on the other. Unfortunately, this isn’t a real product. It was a design project where the designers were, “…asked to find something I hate, change it and make it better, and then advertise it.” No reason you can’t go off and make your own though…

(via Designbloom)

Writers Block

Writers Block

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