Lawn Scrabble (OMG!)

13 May 2009, 3:46pm

Lawn Scrabble

OMFG! I am TOTALLY going to build this. The only problem I could really see is that it would be easy to remember the wood grain on the back of the letters so you can pick the letters you want. And that is only a problem for NEW players. Buck a point, anyone? Mwuhahahah!!

Lawn Scrabble

The awesome bar has just been raised.


Chit Chat

by karina  |   13 May 2009, 4:01pm  |  

Wow, that is incredible. It brings a whole new meaning to lawn games. Don’t let the Jenkmars see this one. Yet.

by JustSheaNo  |   13 May 2009, 4:03pm  |  

Perhaps if you “flocked” the back of the tiles with something like fake grass/outdoor carpet, you could avoid the wood grain cheat conundrum.

by PCS  |   13 May 2009, 4:14pm  |  

Now…how to build this on a giant lazy susan…

by Jenkins  |   14 May 2009, 12:32pm  |  

At least one Jenkmar has seen it. Fortunately for you it’s the one that doesn’t really play scrabble. This is rad. If Kuszmar actually even got/made this + with the secret in the backyard, I’d NEVER see him inside the house…

by Emily  |   14 May 2009, 3:29pm  |  

I want to go to there…

by PCS  |   14 May 2009, 4:01pm  |  

Jenkins, he is kind of an outside animal really.

Emily, we will let you know when it is ready. Love to have you! you will DESTROY me though.

by msyvon  |   2 Jun 2009, 11:50am  |  


if you can work a hammock and pitcher of sangria into the equation, well, that would be fantastic!

by ozarkat  |   3 Sep 2012, 5:47pm  |  

Hmmm, memorize the grain on the back of the tiles? Toss the tiles into one of those compost tumblers, give it a spin, reach in and pull your letters. Good place to store the game pieces too.

by ozarkat  |   3 Sep 2012, 5:49pm  |  

Oh yeah, the tile rack needs a place to put your drink at the end 😉

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