Over 40 – May 2009

7 Jun 2009, 10:59am


It was a work month for sure. Too much time in the office. The garden is coming in nicely and we are eating a lot of artichokes. We went down to Humboldt for the three day weekend for roller derby and an awesome BBQ. An acquaintances dog got sick and passed away. That is three friend’s dogs this year alone. Have to admit I got choked up over all of them. Rest in peace, Kenya, Scout and Dogmo. I also cleaned out the refrigerator and found a lost bottle of our wedding wine. That was a total score. I also boxed up every CD I own and put them in the attic. I now have 35,038 items in my iTunes (845 artists and 2538 albums). And we took the canoe down 10 miles of the Umpqua. SO fun!

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Chit Chat

by Nik  |   7 Jun 2009, 4:55pm  |  

I just can’t box up my CDs — I love to gaze at them with adoration all lined up in a row. I know it would reduce the clutter, but there’s that tactile collective-obsessive bug in me that keeps me from going all digital….

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