Danger Dog Signs From Nepal

5 Jul 2009, 12:29pm

Danger Dogs

Captivated by the hand painted metal “Beware of Dog” signs that she saw all over Nepal, Michelle Page decided to start Danger Dogs from Nepal. Just send her a photo of your pup (or cat, or bird, or goat, etc) and she will have one of the numerous Nepalese artists the she has befriended recreate your pet as a Danger Dog.

Cost is a mere $250 per sign plus shipping. From your photograph, Michelle will commission three paintings from three different Nepalese artists. You chose the one you want. The other two are sold on-line and in a few galleries. This is a great deal and really helps artists in need.

“American Dogs, Nepali Jobs” has become her slogan– even though her project is international in scope as she has had orders from Canada, Denmark, England, Bangladesh, France, Switzerland and Jordan.  “This project is about keeping the artists’ dignity and giving work to the artists — keeping art as a viable profession in this digital age. Signboard artists are under-appreciated.   It is a dying art in one of the last places on earth where it is still widely practiced.  This project shows the broad spectrum of talents in Nepal.”

We may have to this for Hurley…

(via The Presurfer)

Chit Chat

by michelle page  |   12 Jul 2009, 9:53pm  |  

Hello from Nepal. Thanks for the plug. Where’s that photo of Hurley? It’s not too late to get Hurley immortalized and have him by early August. Picking up later today, so watch on Monday’s blog to see the latest Danger Dogs. Doggedly, Michelle

by michelle page  |   12 Jul 2009, 9:54pm  |  

PS, it’s great to be included with such beautiful art.

by karina  |   13 Jul 2009, 12:34pm  |  

Hurley just told me he wants to be a Danger Dog. We’ll have to figure out a photo tonight. That’s the hard part!

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