Solar Hybrid VW Westfalia Camper by Alexandre Verdier

29 Jul 2009, 7:37am

Solar Hybrid VW Westfalia Camper by Alexandre Verdier

I am begining to hate the word “eco-friendly” but I am gonna give this custoized VW bus by Alexandre Verdier a pass. It has a bio-diesel hybrid engine, sun tracking solar panels, a media center and Wi-Fi. Apparently he is looking for a partner to actually put these into production at $69,000 a pop.

Yes, please!

(via @Dooleeedoo on Twitter)

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Chit Chat

by nancy Neal  |   3 Sep 2009, 1:18pm  |  

I’d buy one!!! That is awesome.

by Michel Dupuis  |   11 Mar 2010, 1:40pm  |  

When will it be on the road and where can I buy one?

by sara  |   26 Mar 2010, 10:14am  |  

wow, my husband has always wanted a vw van and i didnt exactly jump on the idea. but this thing i would definitely buy! it is so awesome!

by lime link love  |   6 Aug 2010, 3:40pm  |  

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