Over 40 – October, 2009

4 Nov 2009, 9:15pm


OCTOBER, Mofos!! Finished my rebuild of a ’83 Peugeot road bike. LOTS of puppy time. Steam cleaned the carpet which turned out to be a total waste of time. Actually, not much to see here. Except for the GIANT CLUB SANDWICH I ATE ON HALLOWEEN!!

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Chit Chat

by msyvon  |   5 Nov 2009, 6:58pm  |  

the netflix sleeve and “vampire’s ass” back to back gave me a great belly laugh!
in the pic of you looking through some kind of metal box, what is it you’re looking thru?
love the pic of hurley next to the new fence, too. 🙂
the bike looks FAB! well done, pc!

by Patrick  |   5 Nov 2009, 7:52pm  |  

msyvon, you are THE BEST! The big metal box is the 8 year old computer that died and left me without a coworker for half a week even though I had been asking for a new machine for her for well over a year. *sigh*

Are you going to PF Tompkins on the 21st? Wish I could. Tell him BPH tried his best to get down there this time but it will have to be in the new year. DAMNIT!

By the way, DO NOT buy the new Jay Ryan book. That is taken care of for you. 😉

by msyvon  |   8 Nov 2009, 3:53pm  |  

wow! get outta town! that is rad! thanks in advance 🙂

i am planning to see PFT this month and will try to stoke his visions of travel and perfomance in p-town.

it’s a movement! a groundswell!

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