Over 40 – January 2010

6 Feb 2010, 5:58pm


January. 2010.

Is it, “Twenty-ten”, or “Two-thousand ten”?

Who cares.

Anyway we were in Mexico for a bit. That was great and very much needed. After that it was back to work. I did manage to finish and send out my annual mix CD (a DOUBLE this year!) which was great. Bought a wonderful ukulele from Wildwood Music in Arcata, CA. (Thanks for the great deal, E.P.!) Saw Avatar. The only thing I can say about it is, “Why are the pretty ones so dumb?” The script and story were SO phoned in. Also I began the process of framing the eight pieces of artwork that have been accumulating over the last year. I also sent five business envelope shaped photographs to a random stranger from the Friends of Tom message board. I hope they enjoyed them. (The person who was supposed to send me something never did. Lame.)

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