Kii Arens’ Radiohead Haiti Relief Poster

26 Jan 2010, 12:30pm

Radiohead had a benefit concert in LA last weekend to raise money for Haiti. They raised an amazing $572,754. There is a limited edition poster by Kii Arens of the event selling for $75 over at Al proceeds go to OXFAM. Go get one. I did. Or just donate. (Note: This is a second edition of 250. The first edition of 100 sold out at lightning speed so do not wait on this. Just do it.)

UPDATE: The second edition has the RED background; The first edition has the YELLOW background. (Thanks commenter Neil!)

Already donated? DONATE AGAIN.

(poster via OMG Posters)

(Note: I just found out today that an old surfing friend of mine from Humboldt lost his fiance in the colapsed Hotel Montana in Haiti. He is there now trying to find her. Thinking of you, Eric…)

UPDATE: Received mine in the mail yesterday. Looks like I was quick enough to get a yellow one. It is BEAUTIFUL! The stock is unbelievably thick. The red ones are still available and even though the price is a bit steep, it is worth it. It will only increase in value too. People are already selling these on Ebay.

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