Why America is F*cked (Graphically at Least)

29 Aug 2008, 10:52pm

(Whole lot of appropriate swearing in the video above. Might not be safe for work if you work in a cube.)

I have been meaning to post this. I have watched it about twelve times. This is a little rant by Aaron Draplin founder and proprietor of Draplin Design Co., North America. He is a designer with a passion for industrial designs of the past and and the designs of blue collar industries. He has a great eye. He knows what has heart and what doesn’t. He has a Dachshund named Gary. He swears like a sailor and damn him if he isn’t 100% right in this video. I am thinking that all designers should make a video like this and fight the idiots who can’t see the art or intrinsic value in a professional designer and have the idea that designers just push a bunch buttons all day without skill or talent. I deal with this crap all day.

Way to go, Aaron. Drop shadows, not bombs.

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