Over 40 – November, 2008

9 Dec 2008, 3:02pm


Ah November. Good times. The best thing that happened all month – actually, all year – was that I voted the Hell out of Barak Obama for President of the U.S. of A. and he freakin’ won. The worst thing that happened was that I discovered that I am now as fat as I have ever been and that I do not feel that good about it. Let us never speak of it again. We went to the Flat Track Roller Derby National Championship in Portland and I proceeded to ruin my voice for an entire week. Everyone thought I had come down with a cold it was so bad. Friendsgiving in Eureka was super special as I knew it would be. (I won at poker! That never happens!) Framed a bunch of posters that had been sitting around. Finally. I cut myself too. No, not while framing said posters. Making biscotti. (Got a bit tipsy. Whoops!). Oh, and I went and hung out with a couple of giraffes. And cheetahs. And Elephants.

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