Over 40 – February 2009

5 Mar 2009, 7:00pm


February. A short month. I spent most of it at work, on my Birthday Bike and in Eureka/Arcata. I drank out of a glass that said, “Paddy” on it, too, up in Portland. I went and saw the Portland Trail Blazers beat the New York Nicks with a last second shot. Pretty sweet considering the last NBA game I went to was during Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s final game against the Sacramento Kings. (We are talking mid eighties here folks.) I also found some old food in the fridge. Gross.

The big thing that I REALLY did was finally get out my mix CD to my bestest of friends. I put alot of thought, energy and time into it but I enjoy doing it. I think my peeps do too. Hope all y’all that got it are enjoying it!

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